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The ProEx Slat Conveyor provides a transport highway suitable for payloads of up tp 150kg/metre length or track. Its modular construction and clean lines make the slat conveyor an ideal platform for the progressive assembly of products such as white goods, industrial plant, automotive assemblies and air conditioning units. Various track widths can be supplied and slat finishes are available in a material to suit your application. Conveyor systems can be configured with customised workstations, overhead power-tool rails and component storage facilities.

Our team of experienced sales engineers are available to discuss your production plans and, together with our Wellingborough-based design team, provide a costed solution to your problems.

Standard Features
Slat Widths   500mm, 750mm, 900mm
Payload Up to 150kg per metre
Conveyor Length Track length per drive is a function of maximum payload.
Please consult our technical sales office for guidance on your application.
Conveyor Height The track ride height may be specified to suit the ergonomic layout of the assembly workstations.
Min ride height = 650mm (including leveling feet)
Conveyor Speed Variable up to 2m/min
Transport Surface MDF, Steel, PCV
Power 220/240V 1 phase, 50/60Hz, 5A
Air 5 bar clean and dry no lubrication
Non-Standard Designed for your specific application
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