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Designed primarily for pre and post inline AOI/ICT configurations, the unit provides an effective automated buffering system for PCB's.

The unit has 3 modes of operation:

Pass through
Boards are transferred between up and downstream with no buffering undertaken.

When positioned downstream of the tester, boards are transferred onto the unit and buffered if the signal status of the board is fail. Boards may then be manually removed by the operator whilst the unit is in operation. Passed boards are transferred downstream to the next process machine. When positioned upstream of the tester, boards are transferred onto the unit from the upstream process and transferred into the 'tester'. Should natural of the boards upstream seize, then the buffer will index down to locate any boards that have been manually placed into the unit following rework.

Lifo Buffer
Boards are transferred between up and downstream on demand. Should thedownstream unit be unable to receive further board supply then the boards are buffered until such time that the downstream machine becomes available. When used in this mode the unit may be sited between any process machines in the production line.

Available in Single and Dual lane versions.

Standard Features
Max board size 380mm wide x 450mm long
Min board size 70mm wide x 120mm long
Overall Length 700mm
Board Ride Height 950mm nominal +/- 25mm
Length/Width Ratio Board length should be greater than board width
Fixed Rail Front: travel = left to right
Number of drives 1000 = 2 x drive, 1500 = 3 x drive
Cycle time Passed board transfer = 6 seconds Failed board transfer = 10 seconds
Conveyor Speed 18.3 m/min
Buffer Capacity 15 slots @ 20mm pitch
User Interface Touch screen HMI
Operating Modes Pass through, pass/fail/buffer and lifo buffer
Fixed Rail Front rail
Direction of Travel Left to right
Width Adjustment Hand wheel
Power 220/240V 1 phase, 50/60Hz, 10A
Air 3 bar clean and dry no lubrication
Non-Standard Designed for your specific application
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