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The ProEx Fifo/Lifo Buffer Unit is designed to give the facility for smoothing out imbalances in cycle time between production processes in PCB assembly lines. It also provides a valuable safety function when used to buffer the contents of ovens or solder machines for example, in emergency stop situations.

Available with a fixed wall or removable 'wez' magazine.

Available in Single and Dual lane versions.

Standard Features
Max board size   380mm wide x 450mm long
Min board size 70mm wide x 120mm long
Board Ride Height 950mm nominal +/- 25mm
Length/Width Ratio Board length should be greater than board width
Fixed Rail Front: travel = left to right
Board Edge Clearance 4mm for transport purposes
Conveyor Speed 18 m/min
Cycle Time 20 seconds board to board
Interface SMEMA
Operating Modes Selectable:
Interactive (buffer on demand)
Load only
Unload only
Buffering Pitch Selectable:
10mm = 48 board capacity
20mm = 24 board capacity
30mm = 16 board capacity
Options Down stream outrigger conveyor (included as standard)
Power 220/240V 1 phase, 50/60Hz, 10A
Air 3 bar clean and dry no lubrication
Non-Standard Designed for your specific application
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