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The 'cell' introduces a compact, user friendly and economic laser amrking system, with payback periods under one year. For the ProEx Laser Marking Cell 'economy' means high throughput, reduced investment, operating and maintenance costs.

Incorporating an innovative graphics and Windows based user interface, the complete text and data editors included in the Laser CAD program guarantee efficient programming of texts, graphics, 2D images and barcode data. In line, simply click on help functions fully support text and graphics programming inputs.

Interfacing with the 'x' and 'y' movements the 60mm diameter marking area produces high speed repeatable marks via two axis galvanometer deflection, through precision lenses. The galvanometers are instructed by the software via fibre optic cable - guaranteeing drift and interference reliability. Once laser marked the vision system will verify the read and communicate the results to the host system.

Available in CO2 and 'YAG' versions.
Standard Features
Max Product Size   380mm wide x 450mm long
Min Product Size 70mm wide x 120mm long
Fixed Rail Front: travel = left to right
Product Edge Clearance 4mm for transport purposes
Interfaces SMEMA
Product Ride Height 950mm +/- 25mm
Power 220/240V 1 phase, 50/60Hz, 16A
Air 5 bar clean and dry no lubrication

  • Easy connection to the host system
  • Linear and circular marking
  • Text and graphic rotation
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Incremental (serialisation) function
  • Subroutine calculation (arithmetic) functions
  • On the 'fly' filling routines
  • WYSIWYG functionality
  • Important utilities for 'DXF', 'PLT' (HPGL), and 'PCX' file formats
  • Utilies type 1 (postscript) and True-Type fonts
  • Verification using laser optics ('YAG' laser only)
  • Ability to mark on components
  • Placement of codes to small inaccessible areas
  • No consumables required
  • 25000 hours between services
  • Non-standard designed for your specific application, ie. dual lane


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