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This user friendly range of magazine line loaders/unloaders is designed for the ramge of 'wez' magazines, with the inbuilt design flexibility to accept others, ie. Nikko, Panasonic, Cab etc. Operator intervention is required only once every 49x your beat rate.

Available in Single and Dual lane versions.
Standard Features
Max Board Size   380mm wide x 450mm long
Min Board Size 70mm wide x 120mm long
Mag Capacity Varies with pitch 16, 24 or 48 PCB's
Vertical Pitch Selectable: 10mm, 20mm or 30mm
Board Ride Height 950mm nominal +/- 25mm
Length/Width Ratio Board length should be greater than board width
Fixed Rail Front: travel = left to right
Board Edge Clearance 4mm for transport purposes
Cycle Time 20 seconds board to board
Magazines Wez (adjustable width)
Load and Unload Units Footprint dimensions are common
Interface SMEMA
Power 220/240V 1 phase, 50/60Hz, 10A
Air 5 bar clean and dry no lubrication
Non-Standard Designed for your specific application
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