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the in-line ATE Board Handler provides an automatic test facility, with a user friendly jig and fixture change, typically in the region of 1 minute.

The 19" Rack Position caters for all makes of IC and functional test modules, with a maximum of 2048 nodes.

Standard Features
Max Board Size 380mm wide x 450mm long
Min Board Size 70mm wide x 120mm long
Fixed Rail Front: travel = left to right
Max. Product Test Area 360mm x 450mm
Edge Clearance 4mm for transport purposes
Interfaces SMEMA
Power 220/240V 1 phase, 50/60Hz, 10A
Cycle Time Board to board test time + 10 seconds
1024 test point capability at 300gm (10.6ozs)
Configurable for most types fo automatic test equipment
Low cost cartridge and pressure plate type test fixture
Fast changeover of test fixture cartridge (typically less than 1 minute)
Non-Standard Designed for your specific application


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